Big Box Buddy: The Old State

Have we told you we love being the fast, easy, and delicious catering option for all the businesses in the Dallas area?  Well, we do.  We love meeting all of our super cool Dallas businesses in so many industries that we name our closest business friends Big Box Buddies!

Big Box Buddy: The Old State

Our latest Big Box Buddy is The Old State. The Old State is a super savvy firm focused on web design, development, marketing and branding.  They are based in Dallas for which we are grateful – not just because they love our food, but they are also a big part of how we got started!

They have a great list of clients with no shortage of work, yet they believed enough in Big Box Catering and our affiliated company Liteful Foods to help our food company become digitally savvy and fulfill our dreams of providing our customers with access to delicious food easily over the internet. The Old State went the extra mile to hold our hand throughout this process, enduring the pains of our start up journey, and didn’t have to do that.

The Old State team developed our websites, helped us with branding and established our social media process. The passion and creativity they put into all of their efforts was a great experience. They do first class work!

Delicious Catering for a Dallas Web Design Firm

We have shown our appreciation to The Old State by feeding them well throughout our relationship! We’ve shared several conference room smorgasborg meals including a variety of our Big Box and Liteful Foods menu items along with some test items that we regularly try out for future offerings. We’ve also dined together many times at our Company Café restaurant. Perhaps it was our great food that got us some extra special treatment?!?!

Thank you to our Big Box Buddy The Old State for all that they have done for us!