Big Box Buddy: Charlie Uniform Tango

When we started Big Box Catering, all we could think about was making and delivering incredible tasting food.  What we didn’t expect was making long lasting relationships with our customers.

We have come to know so many great people and offices in the Dallas area as regulars, we even gave them a nickname: Big Box Buddies (BBBs).

From time to time, we will pay tribute to our favorite customers here on the blog to tell you a bit more about them, how Big Boxes work best for them, and some fun facts!  Without further delay, here is our very first Big Box Buddy Blog Post (BBB-BP):

Charlie Uniform Tango (CUT)

Charlie Uniform Tango (CUT) is a great company and one of our favorite customers. It is a hip, video production and editing company based in downtown Dallas that has become one of the most respected editorial and post production companies in the country.

CUT (based on the film production editing term) has an amazing culture that is very communal and laid back. And they know how to build a buffet box! They don’t just go with one of our standard boxes.


One order had chicken tenders, creamy pepper gravy, chips & salsa, paleo hash and mixed veggies. Another order had penne alfredo, vegan hash, steak & chicken and guacamole. They love the smoked turkey and salads – they get them with every order. Here is a picture of our friend David from CUT when we showed our appreciation to them by giving them a Chocolate Cheesecake Cake (two layers of chocolate cake with a cheesecake hidden inside – plus the best chocolate buttercream icing you have ever had!) that we made in our Liteful Foods kitchen.